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Earth Day and the Earth Challenge

Winter is over and many people are flocking to gyms to get their beach bodies back in shape. I suggest we do the same for our Planet. Let's get our planet back in shape and ready for some selfies!

I met a teacher who told me he often tasks his students with picking up 3 pieces of trash. While 3 pieces of litter doesn't sound like much, when you multiply that by 30 student it adds up to a large amount of trash. 3 pieces of trash quickly grew to 90! The gesture of 30 students may not save our planet, but if we all try to do a little we can move mountains or save them!

So, on EarthDay this year I task you with doing a little for your planet, and who knows maybe it will become a habit that you keep up for the entire year. Lets start the "Earth Challenge" and who knows maybe we can fix things with positive viral videos instead of eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms.

Here is a link to wikiHow with some ideas on how you can celebrate Earth day 2018.

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