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Apartment Buildings

While owning an apartment rental property and being a landlord can be both personally and financially rewarding, residential building owners take on a great deal of risk. Fortunately, apartment insurance is there for building owners and can protect from serious financial harm if something were to go wrong.

Common Risks

The priority for apartment building owners is to protect the property itself from damage and disaster. Property insurance will vary depending on the building’s location and the type of construction, along with several other factors. However, almost all apartment buildings face the same set of risks, including:

  • Fire, storms, and other natural disasters that can damage the property

  • Liability for tenant, employee, and visitor injuries

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Loss of rental income

  • Advertising liability

  • Libel and slander

  • Discrimination lawsuits filed by disgruntled tenants or employees

  • Allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, and other intentional acts by employees  

Fortunately, a suitable insurance policy can help to mitigate these risks and protect your property and wallet.

Basic Coverage

Apartment building owners may need several different types of coverage to fully protect them from property and liability risks. Common insurance includes:

  • Commercial Property Coverage

  • Comprehensive General Liability

  • Loss of Income

  • Sewer Backup

  • Equipment Breakdown

  • Ordinance and Law

  • Commercial Umbrella

  • Money and Security

  • Employee Dishonest

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Earthquake and Flood Insurance (separate policies)

Talk to us today to find out how to secure the right insurance for your apartment complex. Call us at (724)216-2678 for a free quote or visit one of our 2 convenient locations in Murrysville or Irwin  today! We provide reliable coverage that you can count on.

Save on Costs

  • Apartment Association

  • Professionally Managed

  • Pest Control

  • Tenant Screening

  • Tenant Insurance

  • Gated Complex

  • Smoke-Free

  • Central Fire Alarm

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • and many more!

Protecting your property doesn’t have to break the bank. Let the team at John E. Peakes Insurance Agency tailor the right insurance policy to meet your needs, risks, and business – all at the right cost. You may be entitled to discounts, which will bring down the overall cost of your insurance. Some available discounts include:

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