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Flood Insurance

Your Home Owners policy does not cover flooding, and you cannot buy Flood insurance directly from the National Flood Insurance Program. You can only purchase flood insurance through an insurance agent or an insurer participating in the NFIP. Before the water starts to rise call 1st Cannon to get the coverage you need.

Flood Insurance Coverage Part 1  Buildings:

-The insured building and its

-The electrical and

-Central air condition

   furnaces, and water heaters
-Refrigerators, cooking
stoves, and

   built-in appliances
-Permanently installed


Flood Insurance Coverage Part 2 Contents:

-Clothing, furniture, electronic

-Portable and window air

-Carpeting (which is not already

   included in property coverage)
-Clothing washers and dryers


There are Multiple Options for Flood Insurance 

  • Building, contents, replacement cost

  • Standard flood insurance coverage

  • Optional excess flood insurance

  • Affordable rates to suit your budget

Flooding by heavy rain and thunderstorms are beyond our control. It is important to plan for the worst-case scenario. 1st Cannon invites you to have the peace of mind that your home is not left out in the storm unprotected. Call us today on (724)216-2678 for more information on how to obtain flood insurance for your property.
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