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Business Insurance: Having the right amount of business liability coverage is something that can be hard to assess. Luckily the agents at 1st Cannon are here to do the hard work for you. We know the risks PA companies face. Put your trust in 1st Cannon to protect your business from the unexpected.

Protection you can count on

There are many moving parts in any business, and business owners today have plenty of things to think about. Don’t let insurance keep you up at night. The agents at 1st Cannon are here to consult with you on the exact risks that face your business. We also shop around our multiple insurance carriers to find a variety of quotes for you to choose from, making sure you receive tailored insurance that meets your bottom line. 

As a business owner there are thousands of things to worry about, think about, and get done, don’t let insurance be one of them. The agents at 1st Cannon are friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable about exactly what risks your business faces and how to ensure you are covered in the event of the unexpected. We never charge a brokers fee, and work with some of the top insurance companies ensuring you a choice and range of quotes to choose from.

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