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Commercial Vehicle

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or a couple company cars, your business needs commercial auto insurance for the very same reason you need personal auto insurance. In the event of a car accident, there needs to be coverage not only for the safety of your drivers and the others out on the road, but to secure your company’s financial future. The roads in PA are notorious for traffic and fender-benders. Make sure you have the coverage your business needs by getting in contact with the agents at 1st Cannon.

Commercial Vehicle

Typically covers:

-Collision Coverage

-Liability Coverage for     Bodily Injury

-Property Damage      

  Liability Coverage



-Personal Injury 

-And More

Insurance That Works for Your Business

The agents at 1st Cannon are here to discuss the exact insurance risks your business faces and assess how much coverage you actually need. We collaborate with our top insurance companies to come up with several quotes, giving you a choice. We understand the importance of protecting your fleet of vehicles while at the same time keeping your budget in consideration. Using the multiple discounts at our disposal, 1st Cannon continues offer

local packages at a cost that works for you. 

If you are ready to trust your small business, with our small business, get in contact with one of our agents today! We can give you a free quote for your business vehicle or multiple vehicles over the phone at (724)216-2678 or email We look forward to exceeding your insurance expectations.

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