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Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a puzzle, especially when there are so many different kinds. 1st Cannon insures our clients for what works for them, not for us. We understand no matter what stage of life you are in your family and loved ones are the most important, and protecting them financially in the event of your departure is a priority. The agents at 1st Cannon understand the importance of family, that is why we take great pride in providing quality coverage for you and your loved ones.

Term Life

  • Coverage for part or a “term” of your life

  • You will enjoy lower premiums for higher coverage

  • Once your term expires, rates are subject to change

  • This type of policy does not have a cash value

Whole Life

  • Protection for the entire duration of life

  • Has equity and can build cash value

  • The premiums are higher but are considered more valuable in the long run



  • A base protection for the entirety of life

  • Availability to supplement additional coverage during certain times of life

  • Flexibility of coverage

We're Here to Help

These are just the basics, one of our experienced agents can walk you through the detailed differences and what choice may be beneficial to you based on your age, health, and budget.

Partner With 1st Cannon

Our agents are here to take the worry out of insurance. We are experts in our field here to provide you with the right policy for your needs. We shop our multiple carriers, compare discounts, and are here to consult on any questions you may have. If you are ready to insure what really matters, call us today at (724)216-2678 or email us at We are waiting and ready to help.

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