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How to be cheap on Valentines Day...with out looking like it!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, what can you do to give you significant other the day they deserve with out breaking the bank?

One of the cheapest and heart felt things you can do, is to make your loved one a nice dinner! It's significantly cheaper than going out to a restaurant and can be really easy! Even if it doesn't turn out perfect your lover will appreciate the gesture!

If cooking is not your cup of tea. There are a lot of restaurants that offer Valentines day specials, or you could try finding a coupon on a site like or . Another great resource is Groupon not only do they have great deals on restaurants, but a lot of other things that would make great gifts too, like a spa day, massage, or Painting with a Twist!

These days people seem to be spending more money on experiences and less on objects. There are a lot of things in the Pittsburgh area that are relatively inexpensive and would make a great date night. One of my favorite is Phips Conservatory. They're open late on Fridays and they change their shows every couple of months. Or, if culture is on your mind the Carnegie Museum is always a hit and they're open late on Thursdays. We have no shortage of zoos and museums in Pittsburgh, and they're good wholesome fun that the whole family can enjoy.

One of the best resources I've found is the Pittsburgh City Paper. It has always has great information on what's happening in the Burgh! The CP (as it's known) can be found in most grocery stores and coffee shops, and the best part is it's FREE! You can also find it on the web at: Pittsburgh City Paper.

So now all you need is a couple of treats for your sweetheart! There are a lot of local shops that can fill your craving with out going overboard. I'd rather drop a couple of bucks for some high end chocolates than buy a large mass-produced box of candy from the store, but that's just my preference. If you're feeling adventures why not get some fruit and dip it your self, to save some dough. Here's a link to a video on how to melt chocolate properly: Double Boiler Method

I hope these tips get your special day off to a great start with out breaking the bank! Lastly nothing is sexier than protecting your money from market loss! Give us a call and see how you could grow your retirement with out risk! Or, to see if we can save you money on your insurance. Call toll free at (833)Cannon4u!

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